Saturday, May 12, 2007

Do Your Thing

Yesterday evening we went to Home Depot and bought some flowers we plant to plant in our big plant pot container today.

When first arriving at Home Depot we saw a man sitting by a flat bed carrier. On the carrier was some flowers and a dog. The dog was laid back, just laying on its belly enjoying life. We asked the man what kind of dog it was and he told us… I forgot. And we asked how old it is and he said six years. Oooohhhhh…. It looked like such a nice a polite and laid back dog.

We were in the area of the outside plants were for sale. Racks and racks of flowers were neatly arranged, inside and out. I noticed from time to time the dog owner’s wife would come by and add another container of flowers to the flatbed carrier. Each time, they would snap bitterly at each other… not the dog, but the husband and wife. Why they were buying flowers, which I think represents happiness, is beyond me.

Finally, she told him to put his dog in the car, and bring the car, in a bitter snappy way. Which he complied. He drove up in a black car and by the time he got back with the car the carrier was loaded…. She kept adding different colorful flowers to it.

The next thing I noticed, he quickly loaded them into his car, she jumped in and away they sped, without paying for the flowers.

Have a nice Saturday and do your thing.

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Blogger kenju said...

Did you get their plate number and call the cops?

5:03 AM  
Blogger ET said...

No, I just stood there my mouth opened.
Although, if I had known they were going to do something like that I would have stolen their dog (joking).

5:05 AM  

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