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Bascomb Methodist Church Cemetery

I put John T. Huey's grave as the lead in picture because he once owned much of the land the cemetery is on. He deeded it the land to Bascomb Methodist Church. John T,Huey is a progenitor.

This is Bascomb United Methodist Church near Woodstock. And a continuation of pictures I accumulated while tromping through cemeteries.

I have a lot of relatives buried here and so does Chris, who contributes comments to my blogs. His wife and I are related to the same Hueys in this cemetery. So, I am sort of walking on my tip-toes here – my information might not agree with his information.

This, I believe is our common ancestor. James was the father John T. Huey, who is the last in our line of common ancestors. He shares the marker with Druscilla 1792-1857. Their son John T.’s wife was also name Druscilla, Drucilla Wilson. Chris may have something to add about that.

I don’t have any information on Joyce Huey. She may have died young. It is an interesting marker.

This is Guyirne Hunter’s grave. She died at age 18. She was the daughter of John Rafas Hunter, who was the son of William Hunter/Trammell and Emaline Ray Hunter. According to the news clips it was a shock and sadness. She died of a rare disease.

Speaking of John Rafas - here he and his wife Lillie Hill lie. After John died Lilly moved to Birmingham, Alabama, to live with her daughter, whose husband worked in a steel mill.

Lois Hunter Carraway lived 102 years. For a short time she was married to a Mr. Carraway. As her nephew said, “She sent him packing.”

When I first got into family research I found out a person that could help me a lot was Lois. At the time, she lived in our ancestor’s house on Main Street in Woodstock. She had plenty of old pictures that I copied and verbally told me a lot of information about her first cousins and stuff – straight off her busy brain.

The house she had most of the rooms closed off I suppose to save on utility bills but she was happy to show me around and point out things of interest, pertaining William Hunter and his wife Emaline.

Lois’s had a sister. When they were very young their father died. William and Emaline took them and their mother in and they lived there – well, in Lois’s case, I don’t she ever left until she went to a rest home in her late 90s. William was the only father she knew.

Lois told me William was adopted by his mother’s people, and that was the end of that. Well, she was right about that, but she didn’t mention that William was a bastard child – his father Jason already had a family when he had an affair with William’s mother Rebecca Trammell. And, after the Civil War when he returned home he and his uncle Van Trammell were “involved in killing a man over a horse” – they were wanted for murder. They left the state.

I was so proud of my discovery I typed it up and sent copies to uncles and cousins that I thought would be interested. I sent Lois a copy. That was a mistake. Lois called me up and chewed me out. She was like a hot sparkle of coal that lands on your flesh and won’t let go. She said she knew everything I knew, and she was hoping to take that secret to the grave with her and I ruined everything. She was proud of her grandfather and that was the only father she knew and he deserved more respect that I gave him… which, I still have him respect, I just said Rebecca had to sue Jason H. Hunter for bastardy. And the murder he was accused of being involved in… I didn’t say he committed murder.

When I took this picture I almost expected her hand to reach out of the grave and drag me in.

Clarence Poore. William’s grandchildren intermarried with the Poore family on two or three occasions, and so did Anna’s family on at least one occasion. This is just one of the Poores that I thought was an item of interest.

Michael Lamar Tyson is a sad story. He was with his siblings and first cousins playing one day and the kids started throwing rocks at each other. A rock hit him and killed him.
He was Billy Tyson’s son.

My ancestors Obediah Hargraves Tyson and his wife, Nancy Elizabeth Huey, daughter of John T. Huey.

Robert Edward Tyson "Uncle Ed" was my grandmother’s brother.

So was “Uncle Will” aka William Obediah Tyson. When I was doing my research of talking to the oldest family members I went to Uncle Will with a tape recorder. He was in his 90s and stayed in his home in an unpainted shack (in the daytime) alone, although he was worth plenty. On one of my visits I tried to get him to talk about his siblings and his parents but that day he wanted to talk about his mule. He told all about his mule and how they had a game they played… sometimes he would trick her into pulling the plow when she didn’t want to, and sometimes she would trick him go get to guild the plow when he wasn’t up to it. He told me who he bought her from and years later when he got too old to work the fields, who he sold her to, and who they her to. I wish I had their picture together – I bet they made quiet a couple

There are many other Hueys and Tysons in this cemetery, but I don't have much information or details so I am passing over them for now.

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Blogger cbish68 said...

I always enjoy your genealogy posts, Eddie. I believe that I have the same information that you do. Have you read "Huey Family History" by V.H. Huey, pub 1963? It mentions a James Huey Sr. from the Abbeville District of SC whose son James Buchannan Huey has the same DOB as ours. If you make this leap of faith, you can trace the Huey line back to James Huey in Atrim, Ireland in 1650s.

6:02 AM  
Blogger ET said...

I copied many pages of a Huey book at the Georgia Archives but I forgot who it is by.
I'll check when we get back home.

4:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi my name is lance tyson i don't know where my fathers side of the family is from or for that fact who they really where.i was wondering where this cemetary is with the tyson's stones. the reasons i ask is my father name was william h. tyson if you have any info would you be kind enough to e- mail me at thank you

4:39 PM  

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