Thursday, May 31, 2007

Bobby the movie and Bobbie and his brother

We watched the movie “Bobby” last night. It was done very good. It has a list of famous stars as long as your arm in it. The list of stars, I think, was a list of tricks…. I think you could use the 3 degree game of the stars and touch everyone in the movie industry, and some within the same movie had a relationship. For instance Emilio Estevez made the film and was one of the stars, so was his father. And there are more examples like that.

The movie is goings on and operational activities at the Ambassador Hotel in L.A. in the 1968, when the climax was when Bobby Kennedy was shot dead there in the kitchen. Great movie!

It got me thinking about the two Kennedy brothers who were killed. During the movie several times it had speeches of Bobby Kennedy and what golden words came out of his mouth. And his brother was the same way. They both had charisma. They were smart, rich, but had their candid ways to show they walked and put on their pants like the rest of us but when they spoke they spoke how most of us felt.

Since then we have not had such charismatic leaders. Bill Clinton came close, but after he “did not have sex with that woman” he blew it – or she blew it, or something. After that Clinton was not taken seriously.

And the Bushes? Hah! Forget it! His speeches more or less say, “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your wealthy citizens”,

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