Monday, May 21, 2007

DVDs of the Weekend

We watched a couple of DVDs this weekend.

Anna received for Mother’s Day the DIXIE CHICKS’ SHUP UP & SING dvd. It was a documentary, done OFFICE –style, from the triggering event where Natalie made the statement at a London concert that they were ashamed President Bush was from Texas. And all the harassing and boycotting since then. The country music radio stations have banned them, which seems totally unfair, but I just about understand because it is an economic decision – if they played the Dixie Chicks music on air, then they would be boycotted…. Cowardly, yes, but smart financially.

The politically far right who pitched such a shit fit just plainly believe if you are critical of your president you are anti-American. Funny, I don't think they believed that when Clinton was in office. But they do when their man is there.

It is a good candid documentary with a good deal of music by chicks and included their spouses, band members, and their toddlers toddling around.

On Bird's suggestion, we rented NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM which was very entertaining. It takes place in New York City, mostly after hours at the Museum of Natural History when the clay and plastic figures come to life and have the mind-set or mind-frame of whom they represent, such as Teddy Roosevelt (Robin Williams). It has a dab of history in it – I don’t think you could watch it without learning something historical that you didn’t know before. It was an enjoyable flick – it wasn’t all that serious… which make escapism enjoyable.

The main character is Ben Stiller. Who is the new night guard. By the way, the lady at the employment agency who connected him with the job is in real life his real mother Anne Meara, who is half of the husband & wife comedy team with Ben’s father Jerry Stiller, who played George’s emotional time-bombed father in SEINFIELD.

I don’t think I have seen Jerry Stiller and Anne Meara play as a comedy team for years. We were talking about that just a week or so ago – wondering what happened to her. Now we know, nothing.



Blogger MichaelBains said...

I just saw the "at the Museum" flick a couple o' weeks ago and really liked it for the same reasons you mentioned. I thought some of the lines were forced, so not so funny, but overall enjoyed it lots and would watch it again.

6:03 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Yeah, I like to look at movies a second time knowing I am a wee bit more educated on the movie on the 2nd go around, and know what to look for. "Six Sense" would be a good example if I hadn't caught on near the beginning and whispered loudly to Anna what was really going on, which ruined it for the other people sitting near us.

7:04 AM  

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