Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Dress Like Your Wannabe

Adam & Rocky posing with Native Americans in Cherokee, North Carolina.

Dressing the Role

Yesterday I heard of a new boss of an organization that spoke to someone about their sloppy dress attire. The person he spoke to is well educated but it so happens that his job requires for him to get in places that could get him dirty or raggedy. The new boss, I think, didn’t like the idea of the guy having his shirt tail out. Trying to give a motivational inspirational quote to top things off the boss said, “Don’t dress for your present job, dress for the next job you want.”

That quote might not be word for word, but close enough.

That quote got me thinking.

So, that is why our garbage man that hangs on the truck wears an astronaut suit and helmet!

And that teenager who sacks our greeneries at Krogers. So, that is why! She must want to be a lifeguard this summer.

Think of a manager in a big organization that got his job by nepotism. Maybe he didn’t want that sort of managerial job at all. Maybe he looks at admiration of the hard hats outside his window doing manly things like walking beams of steel. He should wear a hard hat to his office with his metal lunch box, and sit on a side of a desk and whistle and make comments at the girls as they walk by.

The Indians who make their living by posing with little kids with a sign that says, “Tips Please” . Surely they would prefer some other job than having little sticky little kids hanging all over them and maybe trying to kill them with their rubber tomahawk they just bought…. Would it be okay if they wore a $2000 business suit to the teepee backdrop?



Anonymous bird said...

Finally! An argument that supports my overwhelming desire to dress like a go-go dancer!!! YAY!!!

2:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go-go dancer! What the hell!!!


That astronaut thing got me laughingn so hard i spit all over the monitor.

Now I am off to lay out my clothes for tomorrow-

Generalisimo of Peru

4:49 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I seen a picture of you dancing - you have the beat! Go Girl... or should I say, Go Go Girl!

I have to lay out my clothes for tomorrow too... a big floppy hat and a big flower in my lapel and a long key chain.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous bird said...

are you planning to be minnie pearl, ed?

12:58 PM  

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