Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Werthers for the Elderly

At Kroger's today in one aisle I went in about midways stood  a frail little lady looking helplessly up at the top shelf.
I figured right that something was on that top shelf she wanted.  I asked her could I help her get something down.
"Yes" she said, "That sack of Werthers."
The size bag she wanted was in back of the shelf.   I stood on my tiptoes and could barely reach the top of the sack.  with my finger tips I tilted the sack over thus making it stick on more an inch or two more so I could reach it and rake it towards me.
Opps!  I raked two Werthers sacks instead of one to me.  I handed her one and was about to put the second one on the next shelf down. She said she wanted that one too.
The elderly love Weathers.  My mother-in-law loved them, and many times while at her house I took  I would help myself to a couple of her Werthers and  acquired a taste for them too.  I'm in my mid 70's.  I qualify!
Recently I heard a comedian make a crack about the elderly and their Werthers Candy.

So, why would Krogers put their Werthers Candy on the unreachable top shelf?


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