Monday, June 13, 2016

Pettys Visiting

The color picture was taken about 1980 in my parents' front yard. 
The two ladies in front are Viola (Osmo's daughter) and Opal Petty.

The next one back is my mother, Janie Petty Hunter.

In the back are Stanley Petty* (son of Irvin Petty)**   and Viola's husband.

*Stanley Petty on this trip to Marietta got to witness the Petty women have a few squabbles; and verbal assauts.   When he was leaving someone asked him when will he come for a visit again.  He, in a polite way, said "Never".

The black and white picture is of Stanley and Osmo when they went to work in Detroit.

**Irvin is the brother to the immediate Petty's father William Elijah Joseph Petty.

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