Sunday, June 26, 2016

8th Of January Bluegrass At Red Top Mountain

Yesterday afternoon Anna read on facebook that Danny Bermel and Bob Putnam are now with the bluegrass group 8th of January.  Yep, that is right the bluegrass group name is 8th of January.
for about two years we went weekly to the hear them in the group Jot'Em Down Boys at the Woodstock Bluegrass Jamboree.
Anna went on to read they would be playing at Red Top Mountain, which was about four hours from then. 
We instantly decided to go.
As we drove up a deer galloped by us.  Several years ago we went to eat at the Red Top Mountain Lodge Restaurant and deer were lounging all over the area.  Now, only one.
We parked and walked down a trail about a quarter mile away.  We walked by the back of the lodge's restaurant, now closed because of weather and probably humans the patio was in shambles.  When Sonny Perdue became governor he had it closed down. Thanks Sonny (I say rolling my eyes).

Also a park ranger told us that on Father's Day the building had a serious fire.

Their stage was a porch of a log cabin.
Danny is working for his doctorates degree at UGA and just recently finished playing his fiddle through China. 

They made great music last night.  Although I am not much at jumping up and doing a jig or high stepping it.  But I have been know to tap my foot if something musically moves me.  Neither do I clap my hands with everybody else, I always get out of step. 

The bluegrass series will be every Saturday evening through July.


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