Sunday, June 26, 2016

Nancy, 2nd Cousin None Removed

Nancy Ann Brown Garner.  Nancy is my 2nd cousin.  This picture was taken in 2015 at her uncle Billy Tyson's funeral.
Ann married Gary Garner and they had eight children.  Ann is the daughter of Jim Milton Brown and Regina Ann Tyson.
Regina Ann and Billy Tyson are siblings.  Their father is William Obediah "Will" Tyson.  Uncle Will and my grandmother Minnie Tyson are siblings (I know they are dead, and it seems "were" would be more appropriate, but since they will always have the same relation throughout eternity I use present tense.
I have been asked several times what is the difference in 2nd cousins and first cousin once removed is -maybe this real-life illustration will help.
Ann Tyson Brown is the daughter of Will Tyson and my father is the son of Minnie Tyson Hunter, so Ann and Daddy are first cousins.
I am first cousin, once removed cousins to Ann Tyson Brown.

Ann's daughter Nancy Ann Brown and I are the same levels down the tree, so, we are second cousins.


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