Thursday, June 16, 2016

Throwback Thursday, preteen friends

Throwback Thursday.  Boy Scout Camp, Troop 132.  Camping out at George and Mike Hobby's daddy's property he bought off Macland Road.
Left to Right:  Mickey Griffin, ?, Me, and Tony Hester.
That was the night George Hobby raised my sleeping bag up on a flag pole and blasted it with a shotgun. .... all, in good old boy fun.
Mickey Griffin was a fun loving kid. He used to walk around with me and my dog named Skipper when I delivered The Atlanta Journal newspapers and we do all kinds of mischievous tricks.
When I think of Tony Hester I remember the time I was showing him and Gene Sanges a trick I learned:  climb up one small tree, and at the top get it swinging and when it swung wide enough I could gracefully grab an identical size and type tree, latch on to it and artfully shinny down the tree.  I already did it twice alone, now I was ready to show off for an audience.  I got Tony and Gene down at the bottom watching me and I skillfully climbed the tree near the top and got it swinging back and forth like I did two other times.  That is the last thing I remembered for several hours, the tree top broke and I fell to the ground and was knocked out.  Tony thought I was playing a joke and went home and got his wagon and came back and he and Gene put me in the wagon and carried me to his back yard where his two little sisters Peggy and Lulu were playing with their dolls.  Tony told me if I didn't get up he was going to take off my clothes.  I didn't get up and they took off my clothes.  Then they thought I was dead.  They put me back in the wagon (naked) and carried me home, over a block away.  Nobody was at home so they left me in my bed an left.
Later my parents came home and was startled to see me in bed in the middle of the day, naked, and I had no idea why.

The lighting in that picture looks something like the Blair Witch Project doesn't it?  


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