Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Skateboarder in a Parking Deck

I took my sister to a doctor yesterday morning in one of the big buildings in the Cumberland area. I let Anna and my sister Frances Hunter off on the street level and drove the car up a parking deck to the top, which was the 5th level.
Then I took the parking deck elevator back to the street level. When I was entering the elevator up top I held the door open for a man running towards me. He nodded "Thanks!" I noticed he was wearing ankle high tan boots. I thought of expensive Italian shoes. When the elevator door opened he galloped off. He was tall and long-legged.
I walked across the drive, through the lobby and saw their elevator door closing. I picked up speed and the door stopped closing. Somebody was holding the door for me. It was the young tall man with ankle high boots. I nodded a thanks to him.
He got off on the 4th floor, he must work for the Race Trac corporate office. I think they take up most of the building.
We were in the doctor's office about 30 minutes. Afterwards I went ahead to get the car. 
On the first floor of the parking deck I was waiting on the elevator door to open and I heard a noise that got louder.
It was a skateboard rider and it was the same guy with the ankle high boots. I looked down to verify that but he was wearing running shoes.
He said, "you are the dude that was in the elevator with?"
I said I was and asked if he changed shoes. He said he had.
We rode the elevator back up to the top. He told me he loves to ride his skateboard down paved mountain roads. He has been going to Clayton. I suggested BrasstownBald, the highest point in Georgia. Then we talked about family research and genealogy.
I think today he slipped out of work and is riding his skateboard down the 5 level to the ground floor, then take the elevator back up and do it again and again.


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