Wednesday, June 01, 2016


Herman, an ex-co-worker, called me.  He told me Bobby Cook died.
And while on the phone we asked each other about different people's destinies that we haven't heard from lately.
I asked is "Junebug" still in the post office.  Herman said no.
Then one of us made a coughing/clearing throat sound which embedded in the sounds was a sentence.   We both cracked up laughing.
The sentence first made a quick brag about the size of his male body part and the second part of the sentence asked "do you want to suck it?"  All hardly understandable because of false coughing/clearing throat spell covered up the words... almost.
Junebug was working at the station next to me on the window.  After a lady conducted her business with Junebug, he had the coughing spell mentioned above and said the two-part sentence.
Her eyes widened.
She said, "What did you say?"
Junebug said "Nothing, I was just coughing."  And glanced over to me.
She turned her head my way also.
I was pretending to be shuffling through some paperwork  and not noticing what was going on around me.  Apparently, I was invisible again, I think the lady determined I was in another world.
What is strange is  that normally Junebug mumbles anyway, and you are always having to say "Pardon me?" or "Huh?" or "What?".  This time he came through loud and clear, even if the words were embedded in a cough.
Now, Junebug's face was red.
The woman was staring him down.
She asked to see his manager.
The manager came and asked her to step into her office and talk it over.
Junebug got away with it.  In the office the lady reasoned that it was just her word against his, and of course there were no witnesses.  (ahem!) 

But she said she was going to keep her eye on him and tell her friends who come to window to do the same.



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