Sunday, June 19, 2016

Father's Day and Dem Bones

Fathers' Day, 1999, seventeen years ago my sons Rocky and Adam took me to Two Brothers Barbecue in Ball Ground, Georgia.  That weekend Anna was in Texas to attend a memorial service for her brother Julian, who died about two weeks earlier.
I wanted to go Two Brothers Barbecue for two reasons:  (1) I like BBQ and (2) Conns Creek Baptist Church Cemetery is just a few miles just outside of Ball Ground.  It has Moody relatives there.  I always like to look at markers of distant relatives, for genealogical reasons:  I might learn more about the individuals.
This Father's Day weekend history repeated itself.
It repeated itself except for one incident the first visit:
In the Conns Creek Cemetery a dog walked up to us with a large bone and dropped at our feet.  It was a log bone, like a leg or arm bone.
We did what we felt was the right thing to do.  We called the Cherokee County Sheriff's Office and reported what we found.   That was before we had a cell phone, so we had to go into the downtown part of Ball Ground to a telephone booth.  I don't think anybody was downtown but us and the Rock Store.  Now, I bet there is no telephone booth and with all the restaurants and shops a lot of people strolling around.
A deputy came out, he followed us back to the cemetery and we showed him the bone and where we found it.  He thanked us and we left.

I don't know what he did with the bone after we got out of sight.

Pictures yesterday from Conn's Creek Cemetery:

This is the Milford plot, Jeanie Milford Hunter (Johnny's wife) folks.

This is the only Moody plot I could find.  Back home looking at my genealogical data there are about four other Moodys buried in the cemetery.


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