Friday, June 17, 2016

B. Lloyds Cox

Lloyd Cox.  This was taken at a GOBAG meeting on the day before his 90th birthday.   I watched Lloyd, or B.Lloyds, as we sometimes called him, limb the Marietta Educational Administrative ladder, using me for rungs.
I first knew him as my Civics Teacher.  One time he asked me if I smoked.  I said I did.  He looked around to make sure it was a private conversation, leaned down closer to my face and say "Aren't you afraid you will burn your fingers?"  I cracked up laughing.  He looked taken back.
A year or two later he was Assistant Principal.  Larry Bradford, somebody I don't remember who, and I were called to is office.  We knew why.  We were playing with a Whoopie Cushion, aka Poo-Poo Cushion in phys Ed and Coach Lundy taken it from us.  We walked into his office, he stood up and stood in front of us studying us.  Then suddenly he jerked the inflated cushion out from behind his back and suddenly squeezed it, letting out a huge flatulence sound.  All three of us boys cracked up laughing.  He said, "Why is that so funny?" He demanded.   We couldn't tell him why but it was.  He told us to stay in his outer office until the end of day.  I suppose that was an "in school susension." then he left to do whatever assistant principals do - kind of like am adult hall monitor.
When the final go-home bell rang, I think it was Larry who  suddenly had an inspiration.  We looked all over his office for the cushion and finally found in his desk drawer.  We blew it up and put it in his chair.
We never heard another word about it.
Lloyd next step up was Principal and after the head of Marietta Board of Education.  I am proud I was able to help.

There is more, which I may pickup where I left off some day.


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