Friday, June 17, 2016

Buying Water Filters

I went to a store yesterday to buy a water filter for my refrigerator.  It is recommended to change the filter every 6 months.  I usually buy two while I am there to save time (not to mention you get about a 25% discount when you buy two).
As I was walking in a sharply dressed man had just finished helping a customer put whatever he bought into his car.  I overheard the man tell the customer to drive safely driving back home.
The customer said no problem he lived a only a short distance away.
The sales person reminded him that most accidents when driving happen nearest home.
Then I heard the salesman's hand truck wheels in high speed to catch up with me.
He smiled and said good morning.  I said likewise.
He rushed ahead of me, only to stand and welcome me in the store.  He would have opened the door for me but they opened automatically. 
He stepped aside and allowed me to enter.
He saw in my hand the little empty water filter box.  He asked me what could he help me with, need to buy a new water filter for the refrigerator?
He guided me by the several salesmen holding clipboards and ushered me to nice plush desk with plush swivel chair with arms.  Man!  I was getting the royal treatment.
He was well tanned and very cordial.  I suspect he knew all the polite rules as far as salesmanship and spent a lot of time on the golf course rubbing elbows with other professional sales people and probably was at his peak when the company he represented went bankrupted.

I think he would have felt more at ease if he took me out for dinner and bar hopping before he sold me the two filters but he did the best he could under the circumstances.

I'm glad I was his customer.  I'm sure it helped boost his ego for the morning.


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