Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thomas Hunter changes

This is Tom Hunter, from Asheville, NC,  at the Hunter Reunion at Track Rock Campground near Blairsville, Georgia, some years ago.  I think Tom's first time coming to this was the same time I was there for the first time.   Everybody there knew everybody, except Tom and I.  Through the years we got to know our distant cousins.
That day I met Tom Hunter he was very shy and quiet.  I think he said he was a locksmith.  His wife and preteen daughter were with him.
Through the next 25 or so years I attended the reunions off and on  and so did Tom.  Only seeing them one day every  year or so I could easily see change that occurred the past 12 months to 24 months.
The first year I could see little change.  Tom didn't seem quiet as shy, but his preteen daughter hung close to her parents, it was like she was thinking, "I don't know these people."
Maybe the second or third year Tom and his daughter came but his wife was not there.  I asked him where was his wife and he said she died.
Then Tom dressed more stylish, grew a mustache, and smiled more.   He seemed more talkative. 
And during that time his daughter, now a teenager, dressed more stylish.  And I think she may have brought a boy friend... my memory is not clear on that.

I haven't been since 2008, eight years ago.  Tom may be Grandpa Tom with several grand youngons  in tow.



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