Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Dog Shit on the Bottom of My Shoe

As I do every night about 9:30 I took Willow out for one last bathroom call.  On this trip I always put on her leash. I learned the hard way that, without the leash, she won't come back in until she is good and ready.  This usually happens when she recently heard an electronic ding or buzz from our computer, ipad, or iphone.
We were taking our nightly walk in the dark in the back yard like we usually do when I stepped into a pile of dogshit.  It was all over the bottom of my right shoe.
I took her to our deck/den door and let her in the house.  Then I turned on the hose and water blasted the bottom of my shoe  I had to guess because I was working in the dark.
In the meantime Willow with her leash still on walked up to  Anna.  Of course that unnerved Anna, with me out in the night and Willow returns with her leash.

That could have a bad connotation like if Dale saw Trigger return home alone with his saddle still on.


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