Thursday, June 30, 2016

Bustin Butts Briskets and Preacher Cakes

We  met our sister-in-law and Thelma and her daughter TammY, (both Cartersville residents) at Bistin Butts Hickory Smoked BBQ today (Thursday).  We met them on this day because it is Thursday and Thursday is Brisket Day (come early before they run out).

My iphone does not give this brisket justice.  The beef brisket  was delicious.  It was moist, tasty,  and tender.  It was so tender I think I could have cut it by staring at it.
The Brunswick stew tasted  good but it was fine, not lumpy, chunky,  or hearty. 
The waiter and waitress that I saw were very cordial and efficient.
Like other BBQ joints it is decorated in Early Hawg.
We were there at lunch time, before noon, and the place filled up quickly.  One time I saw a line at the cash register stretching  out the door.  I bet they were ordering beef briskets to go.
Bustin' Butt Hickory Smoke BBQ is located outside of Cartersville near the Etowah Indian Mounds in a small strip shopping center surrounded by SOD farms.

Our table ordered a serving of Preacher's Cake.  Our waiter brought it over early and told us, "Before we run out."  I am not sure what Preacher's Cake is made of. Maybe cheese cake and maybe some other rich ingredients.  I wonder why they named it Preacher's Cake?   Maybe someone bit into it, not expecting is richness and said, "Holy Shit!" 

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