Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Remembering Sycamore and Garrison

In Marietta, Sycamore Street links Clay Street and East Dixie Avenue.  Sycamore Street is a street that climbs a hill then goes down.  The middle of the length of Sycamore, on top of the hill, is Garrison Drive.   The Groover family lived about halfway down the street.  Garrison Drive runs from Sycamore until it gets in back of what used to be Crestview Baptist Church then it makes a sharp turn, where  Harry Garner lived and goes back into Clay Street.

Almost across the street of the corner of Clay and Sycamore my uncle W.C. Hunter was born.

As you go up the hill on Sycamore on the left is a driveway of a house facing Clay Street.  In the back yard were rabbit cages with rabbits in them.  I used to stop by and study the rabbits.  One time the lady of the house came out and offered me a rabbit if I helped her for a day.  Which I did.  I was probably about 10 years old.  I raked, picked up sticks, and made the yard look neat.  An old man in wheelchair would sit on the edge of the back porch and talk to me.  At the end of the day the lady let me pick out a rabbit. They all looked the same.  I took one.  I was afraid to let my parents know afraid they would not let me keep it.  Imagine the surprise my mother felt when she came into my bedroom the next morning to see a rabbit hopping around my bed and several rabbit pellets on the bed.  I remember she hollered and I don't remember the outcome of the rabbit.

Back to the Sycamore end of Garrison Drive.  On Sycamore, facing head on at Garrison is a house that Williamson Brothers BBQ Catering is in.  I remember it as being haunted when were kids.

About three houses from the corner on Garrison was where a one-armed man lived.  I think he was bald-headed and drove a jeep.  I used to see him playing ball in the Church Softball League at Larry Bell Park, near the granite stone building that dynamite was kept.


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