Saturday, June 11, 2016

Terrecottas, the Crowd for a Reason

These are several soldiers of the Chinese Terracotta Army.  We saw them and a couple hundred more at the High Museum several years ago.  Having a platoon of Terracotta soldiers had its financial advantages.  They did not eat, did not sick and willing to guard their post 24x7.
There are also some disadvantages of your Terracotta Soldiers.  They dd not so anything but just stand there.
You don't have to worry about them whistling at girls walking by or for that matter, raping and pillaging innocent civilians like soldiers do sometime.
You should see them.  We saw formations of rolls of them, all lined up facing the same way , very military-like.  Some were even in wagons and pulling large artillery.
You might ask, if they don't do anything, you might ask, "What good are they?"
They are a good defense in numbers.  Opposing generals looking at them at a distance might think twice about attacking such a large number.
Which reminds me, I heard recently on the news that a large number of people to show up for a cause is a commodity to rent.  There are businessmen who rents crowds of people.
I wonder if these modern business people renting crowds ever considered Terracotta mannequins?  If you made them out of plastic they were be lighter and easier to load up on a truck or something.

The second picture is a Terracotta soldier listening to me trying to get him to come to work for me, as a straight man. 


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