Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Big Foot Cousins

This morning on NPR Radio on the show SECOND THOUGHT moderator Celeste Headee talked about a Big Foot (aka Sasquatch) Museum in Cherry Log, Georgia.
Numerous people said they have had sightings of allusive giant.
On my father's side my Great-g-g grandfather John Hunter settled nearby in the Choestoe Community of Union County in about 1837-38  and Hunter descendants live in the extended area today.
On my mother's side Elijah Petty settled not far away just south of Morganton, Georgia, about 1850 and some of his descendants are still in the extended area.
So, I am wondering if these wild allusive Big Foots are distant relatives?

If they give the species the  name of Big Foot Red-Nek Pettyus or Big Foot Huge Beak Hunteramus - well, then I will know.


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