Wednesday, June 29, 2016


This is our long time friend Pat.  Here she is at a wedding of her neighbor's daughter she asked me to take pictures of.  

Anna and Pat met on Anna's first job and then I met her.  We helped her get over two marriages and guzzled beer and sipped Southern Comfort the whole time (it seemed that way anyway),  about five or six years of fun and adventures.  Anna and I both were fascinated over the hippy scene in Atlanta in the Peachtree and 14th Streets area.  Pat's life was right in the middle of it all.  She hung out at the Stein Club.

She took us to meet Ernie Marrs in his garage apartment in Little Five Points.  Ernie was a song writer, editor of The Great Speckled Bird, and a roofer.  Being the idealist Ernie, basic humble character he was, I quickly saw he had something else in mind with Pat other than discussing issues of the day or song writing, or poetry:  making Whoopee! 

Did I tell you the time I went to pick up Pat for a party back at our house and under the hood of my car caught on fire and we had to zig zag all over Atlanta with a smoking engine looking for Sinclair Station to put it out?  I didn't have money but I had a Sinclair credit card.


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