Saturday, June 18, 2016

Jim's Smoked Q, Owl Town Union County, Ga

The past few days on the Facebook Community I am part of there has been some buzzing about local barbecue joints.
Here is one we have enjoyed several times just south of Blairsville, Georgia.  I was amused to see all the help was redheaded with a redheaded owner.
The food is very good and not terribly expensive.  I remember they have some smoked meats and sides not often found in barbecue joints;  Example turkey.
I thought they were Union County natives but they are not:  One time in their parking area  We squeezed into a parking place beside an elderly couple who just parked, they had a Florida license plate.  I asked did they drive all the way there for the barbecue.  The man said, "Kinda" , their son owned it.   I asked did they retire and moved to Florida and they said no, they always lived down there.  Their son and his family moved to Blairsville from down there.  I don't remember if either of them was red headed or not.

Also, we read some place recently that Jim's Smoked Que was voted one of the top BBQ joint in the U.S.A.


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