Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who Do I Think I am? Wow! part 89

My aunt Georgia, the oldest of my mother's sisters and her husband Cecil.

GEORGIANNE7 PETTY, b. 11 Dec 1906, , Murray, Ga; d. 30 Oct 1966, Chattanooga, , Tn; m. CECIL GRANT; b. 19 Nov 1901; d. 04 Nov 1958, Chattanooga, , Tenn.

Small and frail - spoke in a horse voice.

Burial: West Hill Cem., Dalton, Ga
Residence: most of all of their married life: Chattanooga, Tn

Notes for CECIL GRANT:

Cecil played the banjo and another string instrument-. He also was a movie collector. He had a little building in the back yard that he had a movie projector and a huge collection of western movies. Hoppalong Cassidy, Tom Mix, Lash LaRue, The Durango Kid, and more.

In the fall in Atlanta had the Southeastern Fair at the Lakewood Fairgrounds. Every year at that time, the Grants would come down from Chattanooga and stay a couple of days. Georgia would stay in Marietta to visit siblings and Cecil would go to the Southeastern Fair alone.

Georgia and Cecil both were very short people. And drove a small car for the times - a Crosby. Cecil was bald headed. Once (during Southeastern Fair season), when they were visiting, I was about four years old, I asked Cecil could I spin my top on his head.

On 4 November 1958, Cecil was on top of his wooden building in the back of the house making repairs to the roof. He had a metal hammer. The nail he hit an electrical wire, and in turn, electrocuted Cecil. He died fifteen days before his fifty-seventh birthday.

Burial: West Hill Cem., Dalton, Ga
Cause of Death: Electricuted when hitting a live wire with a metal hammer on his movie out bldg.
Occupation: Thread Mill

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