Sunday, June 26, 2011

OM Go Joe! - Marietta OM rookies continued

Joe Jenkins has been around Marietta all his life too. Funny thing, I didn't know of him until a year or so back. I talked to him several times at the dog park off Steinhaur Road, at the foot of Sweat Mountain. It seemed that everytime I mentioned something about a certain place or person in Marietta he knew exactly what or who I was talking about and added more information.

In time he told me he was the brother of the late Grady Jenkins. Grady was a friend of mine. I wondered why I never met Joe. The only thing I can figure is that in downtown Marietta one of us zigged every time the other one zagged.

Not only does Joe know Marietta like the back of his hand but also he seems to know everything between Marietta and Woodstock; as in Canton Highwat,

I have ran into twice at concerts in downtown Woodstock, as a matter fact, tht is where I took the above picture.

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