Sunday, June 12, 2011


PANIC Comicbook #3, art by Will Elder, cover by Al Feldstein. I don't know who wrote the story.

Just for your own information, or FYI, as they say these days, to make these comics more understandable:

There was a long running feud between the creator of Joe Palooka, Ham Fisher, and Al Capp. Before Capp started Li’l Abner he ghosted cartoon for Fisher. When Capp quit Fisher in 1934 he claimed Capp stole “intellectual property” or whatever and sued him. Fisher finally committed suicide.

The last God-awful looking woman in the last panel was drawn by Basil Wolverton. In 1946, Basil Wolverton ugly woman won first prize in a Li’l Abner draw the ugliest woman (Lena the Hyena) contest. Wolverton was a contributor to MAD and PANIC from time to time.

Fearless Fostick was a comic strip within a comic stip. Al Capp created him, I think, making fun of compulsive fans. It was a take-off on Chester Gould’s DICK TRACY. Gould wasn’t all that thrilled over Fostick. Fostick starred in an ad campaign for Wildroot Cream Oil hair tonic. Remember the jingle, “Get Wildroot Cream Oil Charley?” No? Groan, this is another generation.


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