Thursday, June 16, 2011

Waterman Street School Ruins

I spent my first 6 years of a formal education of my formative years on these grounds. This is also where I tuned in on my social skills of having crushes on girls and how to talk by way out of a fight. My father and all his brothers went here also. The same Mrs. Whitehead that taught my dad and my uncles was the principal when I was there. I don't think she thought it was much of a pleasure knowing the Hunter boys, including me.

After Waterman Street School ran its course of 70 or so years it closed down as a public school and the private school J.T. Walker Schhool used it for a while before moving to the old Sprayberry High School. The old shcoolhouse was torn down and alumnus got a brick if one wanted one. Now the grounds belong to the Red Cross.

As I walked over the grounds taking the below pictures I could almost hear the giggling of a bunch of girls routinely chasing Jerry Flowers because they thought he was so good looking and just feet away I could here the tormented cry of a weakling kid being picked on by bulllies. Memories!

Green grass on what use to be a sandy playground. Note the Marietta skyline and Kennesaw Mountain in the bacground.

Cement steps leading up to Waterman Street School

Cement steps leading down the hill to Waterman Street.

Waterman Street School Wall by street

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