Friday, June 24, 2011

There Are Flies In My Soup!

The other day we had lunch at a Diner in Cherokee County, between Acworth and Woodstock. This is a fairly new eatery. They did a lot of advertising telling how good they are.

As we were eating we noticed a lot of flies swarming near us. We had to swoop at them several times to shoo them away from our food.

We mentioned to the waitress of the flies and she said, "I'll take care of them!"

The thought that those flies not too long ago were maggots....urp!

After she said she would take care of them they vanished! We saw no more flies.

We wondered how she "took care of them" so instantly. The only thing we can figured she must have thrown a handful of sugar on the floor and tables
scattering the grandulars like chicken feed in nearby vacant section.

I bet their health inspector drives a very nice plush car.


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