Wednesday, June 29, 2011

GOBAG meeting June, 28, 2911

We had a nice orderly GOBAG meeting last night. The meeting was not called to order, no treasury report was made, the minutes from the last meeting was not read, and there were no motions nor second the motions.

But we talked about the times when we were kids. We were the Little Rascals, now bald, with paunches, with some gray hair left, we are the old farts.

We enjoyed playing our “remember-when?” game, which isn’t really a game, it is a merging of two minds or more trying to remember details of a common event, which is quite a job for people around 70 years old.

On one remembrance Chip said, “Rock! Tell about that in your blog!”

I told him I would. But to myself I said, “Remember what?” My mind had wandered again. Oops!

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