Thursday, June 23, 2011


Did you know that there are currently at least six movies being filmed in the Atlanta area right now?

When I heard last week there were six movies being made I thought of some months ago when a movie making company, for a scene, had the City of Atlanta block off the entire street for several days. It was a mom and dad retail merchants kind of street.
The street was closed so there was no retail business being transacted in the retail stores. The store owners asked the city for compensation and the city, more or less, said, “You must be kidding!” I think the movie company had about the same response.

A movie should be made about a movie company taking over an entire street for a week and how the small retailers survived. Of course the city will have to close down the street for a few weeks, but the merchants shouldn’t mind, after all, it is telling their side of the story.

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