Monday, June 20, 2011

Victory Cabs

They are still around, I suspect under a completely different operating system. Remember this office for Victory Cabs. It was on Cherokee Street between the Old Hospital and Guest Motors (Ford). The sign outside the building in the picture boast of an all night grill. I don't remember being aware of the grill or surely we would have honed in on it.

I remember once in grammar school (Waterman Street) I was riding my bike home after school just after a rain. I somehow slipped on the sidewalk of Atlanta Street someplace between Frazier and Clay Streets. A Victory Cab driver drove by and saw me lying on the side of the street out cold beside my turnover bike.

He picked me up, put me and my bike into his cab and drove me home. My mother was speechless as she saw the cab driver climb the steps of our house with me slug over his shoulder like a sack of salt.

I have no idea how he knew who I was.

That would not happen today.

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