Sunday, June 19, 2011


In family daily lives it seems that the mother has always had the role of being the practical one and the father would be the playful one. The mom in the family would pick out a careful balanced food pyramid and the dad would be the one to take his kid out for a hotdog. The dad is more likely to get down on the floor and wrestle or toss his offspring up in the air to get him/her giggling; or willing to act a fool.

One time one of my sons observed traditions about right when he was about four years old asked his mother, “How come you buy all the things we have to have and dad buys all the fun stuff?”

Now, we, as dads, have been vindicated. On the TODAY SHOW, the other morning, an expert of child raising said that what the dads do, knowingly or not, is to teach their children must needed social skills. True, that is what she said. Yep! We did good! (me doing the Dirty Bird Dance).

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