Tuesday, June 14, 2011

More Changes at the Dump

The other day I carried a load to the county dump. It seems every time I go there I have to make a quick mental adjustment to the latest changes.

I wonder if there is fast turnover of management at the dump and every new manager feels he has to make a change to show his mark, or that he made a decision.
This time there were men doing the job of unloading the trash. Just outside the main dumping area I was directed to turn right instead of left. Then, I came to a stop sign, which I did. Under the stop sign was another sign telling me to wait for someone to motion me on. OK, Ok. Don't rush me, I'm still focusing on the change.

A man in a bright orange traffic vest motioned for me to come on.

When I got nearer, another man in a bright orange traffic vest gave a swooping with his hands with I immediately understood “to back you car in that empty slot.”

I started backing up and while backing up another man in a bright orange traffic vest motioned me to keep backing. When I got to the spot he wanted me to be at he motioned for me to stop. I stopped and hopped out of the truck. Before I was around to open the tailgate he had opened it and had thrown out the garbage. He thanked me and told me to have a nice day. I told him the same and off I went.

As I was driving back home I thought this is not like the Cobb County Government at the present. The man who unloaded my garbage was one of about a dozen men in bright orange traffic vests either unloading trucks or directing traffic. They did not have prison uniforms on- all these men were in work-casual clothes. Paying a dozen men in at the dump where up to this point the people who brought the trash did all this themselves is not a way to save money. Cobb has been trying to reduce expenses.

Then I thought about the guy who unloaded my truck. He looked like he has had a rough life, rugged skin and all.

Wait! I wonder if these men are working off community service sentences.

Then I thought, this might be a smooth way to get free labor for Cobb County.

Man, we will weasel ourselves out this crunch yet!

Here, have another drink! - One for the road!



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