Thursday, October 15, 2009

Murphy's Monday

Last Monday morning I woke up hearing rain gushing outside. I decided not to take my dog Willow on a walk.

I went into the kitchen to pour my morning coffee. I noticed the floor was wet. I turned on the overhead light for a better look. Water sprinkled all over me.

The ceiling was leaking. Water was seeping down through the base of the fan and settled on top of the fan blades. When I turned on the light the fan also came on and gave me a little surprise.

Or a big surprise. We just had new roof put on in June.

We called the roofing company and they sent two people out within a reasonable time. It was pouring down rain. The leader went on top of the roof, climbing a ladder using one hand to hold and the other hand holding an umbrella. Which I thought would make a good picture – I should learn to always have my camera close by.

The helper climbed up in the attic. The helper knocked on top of the inside of the top of the house while the boss-man would look around for a problem in the vicinity he was knocking and then shot the problem with a chalk gun.

I guess it worked. The leaked stopped. When the helper climbed out of the attic I noticed for the time his arms had a lot of tattoos on them and he had a Cub Scout or Weebolo cap on – the little blue kind with yellow lines, leaving from the top center button… where was my camera?

The leader said he THOUGHT he fixed the problem, but we won’t know for sure until the next time it rains. He said if it still leaks during the next rain call them. At least he was honest.

After they left it occurred to us that I didn’t ask him about the damaged ceiling. The next day there were two big discolored splotches caused by the rain. Oh me.

We also bought a new mattress over the weekend which was to be delivered the next day on Tuesday. Anna removed the dust ruffle thing off the old mattress complex and took it down to the basement and washed it in the washing machine so it would be clean for the new mattress.

After she washed it she tossed it wet into a basket to wait for the dryer to finish up with the load it had in it at present.

In the mean time, Willow was digging for chipmunks in our backyard and got muddy. I wiped her down with a towel. Then I tossed the towel into the basket of what I thought were dirty clothes, without looking closely.

Later Anna told me to put the wet dust ruffle into the dryer. I saw the dust ruffle underneath a wet towel and thought the towel was also freshly washed. So, I put both into the dryer and started to walk away.

Then BOING!! I remember the dirty towel. I took the towel out, then took the dust ruffle out and examined it. Somebody must be watching out for me. The ruffle had no mud or dirt on it.

Then, later that evening I was cooking chicken parts on the grill. It was a recipe I got on the Internet that taste pretty good. I have used it several times already. As far as this narration go the only important part is that you completely bath the chicken in barbecue sauce in direct heat it with the lid down for two minutes.

After the two minutes I collected my chicken up on a platter and went inside carrying the chicken. Somehow – a misstep I think, the platter tilted a little and a thigh, covered thickly in barbecue sauce managed to topple off the platter onto the carpet.


Luckily because I jumped right onto cleaning the carpet stain it came right out. And I ate the thigh.

No problem. All's well that ends well.

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