Saturday, October 10, 2009


The below could have happened.

Willow and I were on our walk about 6:30 this morning and it was still dark. We progressed not too many steps on the street beyond our yard and I noticed some thing yellow and motion out of my side-vision. I turned my head and saw fire flames jumping in the yard next to my neighbor or maybe it was the yard after that. It was hard to tell in the dark just where the flames were.

Should I call 911? People can legally burn outside now, but by law the fire should have a person there with a hose and also it has to be in daylight hours.

I walked around the corner and looked in the backyard as I passed each houses. After three houses I did not see a fire.

Was my mind playing tricks on me? Willow and I walked back slowly, looking more carefully. We still didn’t see a flame.

I went back around the corner, and when I walked nearer to my yard, about where I saw the flames the first time, I looked and there they were. There were leaping, in a lazy sort of way and about the same size as before.

We walked in our back yard and I could see cleaner now. It was in my neighbors basement. I could see it clearer looking head-on at it. . I had my cue-stick that I fend off dogs with, I jumped over the fence, or straddled and jumped over and ran for their house. God, I had to get in and save their lives!

First I called 911 and told them to hurry. A fire was in the basement.

They have three small dogs. They have a fierce little terrier which might be a Jack Russell, a Schnauzer, and a little fluffy thing called Binky.

All three dogs came barking at me and growling, just like they do when I am in my backyard. But I was in their territory now – they were more aggressive. It caused Willow, on the other side of the fence to bark to try to scare them off me.

I didn’t have time to argue with them. I walloped two with my cue-stick and they all backed up but still were barking and growling gnashing their teeth at me.

I got to their basement door where I saw the flames and took the bigger end of my cue stick and broke the window, I reached in and turned the door knob and opened the door. I rushed in looking for the flames.

I heard footsteps and voices.

Then, in front of me, in their cozy little room they made downstairs last year was a large screen TV with the fireplace channel on.

Oh. Never mind.

But it didn't.

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