Monday, October 05, 2009

Allatoona Pass Battle on This Date

On this date in history in 1864 was the Battle of Allatoona.

Allatoona Pass is between what would become Red Top Mountain Park and what would become Allatoona Damn. And there was no Allatoona Lake there in 1864.

I am interested in this battle because it involved the unit my great grandfather William A. Hunter was in, 39th NC Infantry, Co., I. However, at that time his name was not William A. Hunter. It was William A. Trammell.

And also, William did not attend the Battle of Allatoona. He was shot in the knee about three months previously, during the Battle of Kennesaw Mountain and was in a private home near Woodstock, Georgia, recuperating.

But that is another story.

Another item of interest about that battle: William Sherman was on Kennesaw Mountain during that battle. By reflecting shiny objects his signal man was able to communicate with the yankee signal man in top of a tree on a big hill top at Allatoona Pass. That is a long way to visually communicate.

I recently noticed Kennesaw Mountain, near the top has now what looks like a cell phone tower. I bet Sherman’s men got better reception.

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