Saturday, October 10, 2009

Girly Shows

Yesterday while talking about entertainment in the park I spoke of a concentrated play of ROMEO AND JULIET which was a taste of the full length play at Kennesaw College put on by the students.

I called that a tease.

That reminded of another kind of tease which I said something about. Strip – tease shows!

This is a blend of several strip shows at carnivals friends and I went into as young men and teenagers:

The come-ons were all the same. A smooth talking man would have his dancer or dancers on the stage out front. He would tell quick one-line jokes with sexual innuendos. The girl or girls had on loud flash glittering robes, with just some knee showing or maybe a couple of buttons on the bottom were unbuttoned to exposed a thigh.

Sometimes the slick male talker would have the girl stripper to pick someone standing out front for free admission. This must have created a crowd… who would not want something free from a stripper?

I always wondered what the girls’ parents and the smooth talking man’s parents thought about their children’s chosen occupation – or did they even know?

Inside the tent the star dancer would either take it all off or wouldn’t. Sometimes the fast-smooth talking man would come out and announced she needed a little encouragement… one time clapping was all the encouragement she needed. Other times it was money tossed up on the stage was all the inspirational encouragement the lady needed.

Once, I remember, a bunch of friends hollered “Put it back on!!”

Another time I remember, an old friend, one that I see weekly at the GOBAG meetings shouted saying they were going to tear the tent down unless the lady stripped completely naked. I forgot the outcome, but I don’t think the tent was torn down.

I think the one that stands in my memory is a lady that stripped completely nude in her dance number, then lit a cigar, placed the cigar on the stage, I’m sure in a non-flammable tray or something, and squatted down and picked up the cigar without the use of any arms or feet. Amazing! She also made the cigar puff little clouds of smoke. That was a God given talent!

Have you ever heard it is a sin to waste a God-Given Talent?

I wonder if she ever auditioned for The Ted Mack Amateur Hour Show?

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Anonymous G said...

Eddie, here in "prumpyland", we have the most famous brothel in the West.

It's called Sheri's Ranch. It's much like a resort with tennis courts, pool, cabanas, restaurant/bar. One of the cabanas is called the "King" (after Elvis).

Anyhow they used to give Tours, and since the restaurant is opened to the public, some of us gals had brunch there and went on a tour. We giggled a lot and felt very naughty ... it was such fun. If I can find a pic or two, I'll email them.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...


I would love to see them.

A couple we know took a tour to Alaska and went on the land tour also and toured the antique buildings of a frontier town and one had a madam at a saloon and her lovely ladies, all flowery-up. They showed us a pictures of the hubby getting the lady-of-night flirt act.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous G said...

Talk about a "tease", I have to show you the ad the Flamingo ran at the 2005 Vegas Convention:

"Sheri’s Ranch— World Famous Brothel
Total charge per person: $19.00. Includes breakfast, tax, gratuity and transportation. Leave Flamingo Tour lobby at 7:45 am and return at noon.
Ever wonder how a Brothel operates? Well, after an approximate one hour bus ride from Las Vegas we arrive at the upscale Resort and Spa at Sheri's Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada. After a full breakfast, we will see the parlor with its fireplace and hardwood floors where he line ups take place. Then it's on to see the different theme rooms such as the Arabian nights, 60's, Safari, King Arthur and Roman rooms as well as the Budweiser Jacuzzi Suite (the only Brothel suite in the country actually sponsored by Budweiser). Sorry no free samples.
Depending upon the number of participants the tour may split into groups. (It’s possible to take both Sheri’s and Pahrump Winery tours. Take the Sheri’s bus in the morning and return on the Pahrump Winery tour bus in the afternoon.)"

Eddie, on our tour, we saw all these rooms, including he Budweiser suite, which is spectacular when they turn the bubble machine on. The bubbles resemble floating prisms that fill the entire room!

Another fun spot was the "torture" room with a lot of leather, lol.
Our tour guide was one of the "working girls", a beautiful blonde, wearing a turkish bathrobe :)

I see they changed the King's cabana to something else. I'm still trying to find the photos we took.

11:13 AM  
Blogger Eddie said...


That's good.

Check this out:

12:18 PM  
Anonymous G said...

Eddie, I saw the video. I certainly hope you’re not comparing the carnival strip-tease girls with our “respectable” brothel here in prumpyland - lol. I know, I know – don’t roll your eyes.

I guess the point I want to make is that the brothel here is regulated by the State. The facility is impeccably clean, as are the girls who are tested on a “weekly” basis. The place is huge, spacious and bright, unlike the carnival shows of yore, plus the girls who work at Sheri's are beautiful, kinda like Hugh Hefner’s harem.

Why am I getting into this?

2:47 PM  
Blogger Eddie said...


I already rolled my eyes. Too late. There used to be one of those "respectable" places in Rome, Ga. It was called Peggy's. It might still be there for all I know. They were examined often by a certified doctor also....or by the first doctor in line.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous G said...

And now you're comparing one of our "state landmarks" to PEGGY's of Rome, GA? ....

You finally did it, Eddie, you've crossed the line of decency lol

5:18 PM  

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