Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Whole Yard is a Stage

Curtain Time and the Show IS OVER.

Fairly often on our street, one of three neighbors will call and tell us to look outside. We look outside and the street is lined with police cars with flashing blue lights and a fire truck, and sometimes an ambulance with their flashing red lights. And tonight one of the neighbors said the SWAT Team came too. I didn’t see the SWAT team. But I did see the flashing red and blue lights and a bunch of people standing around.

The center of all this attention are our neighbors that live directly across the street. I have seen more than a few dramas held on their front lawn.

Usually they get overly obnoxious loud cursing at one another and make threats at each other. Then usually, a neighbor overhears it and dials 911.

We keep to the back of the house mostly and have double insulated windows so usually we don’t know about their ruckuses until a neighbor calls.

This evening a neighbor called and said the baby’s mama and the baby’s mama’s sister got into a physical fight with the baby’s mama aunt, who is pregnant. The boy and his father kept calling each other Fucking this and that. I saw the flashing lights and thought, “Curtain time!”

All the neighbors take their positions at the windows and the police and emergency officials stand around and watch the loose-knit family scream at one another.

I think if we neighbors did want to get closer for hearing and seeing purposes the officials would tell us to “move on, the show is over”.

Why have a show? They have no understanding about dirty laundry, privacy and all that. I think they enjoy putting on a good live show from time to time.

I’m not sure if I should holler “Bravo!” and throw roses in the yard or what..

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