Monday, June 16, 2008

Skip Williamson and other Cartoonists

The top picture is of an old friend Skip Williamson, who was an underground cartoonist. Here he was at the Atlanta DragonCon in his allotted space. And I am on the other side of the camera. He got my son Adam and me in free.

I haven’t seen Skip since Bluto came to town and spent 9 days. I need to call him, Skip, not Bluto.

I just got a new toy, or a new gadget – on one place on the box it came it has a logo says VuPoint and on another place it says Digital Film Scanner, which also looks like a logo.

It is mostly for the reason of looking at old negatives that the prints have long ago vanished and make new digital pictures.

Today I was playing with it, seeing what all I could do with one envelope of negatives and came across some pictures I forgot completely about.

Here are a couple of Al Feldstein, editor of MAD magazine for about 30 years. He had him a booth, or table, too. He was much more friendly and personable than I thought he probably would be.

At that time he said had a ranch in Colorado and painting a lot of the local landscapes.

Which reminds me, at the postal service I worked with two men, one was an artist in his spare time and the other one was a builder of homes in his spare time. I knew that much about each because I listen and I am nosy. The two didn't know each other that well, and one time all three of us were working on one project and Jerry said something about a painting of an old barn he just completed. Walter said, "Oh, you like to paint!"
Jerry, "Jerry I love to paint!"
Walter, "Have you ever painted houses?" You know where that conservation was going and where it was going to end.

Here is Al and me again, which this picture has been on this blog a number of times. I wonder if he wrote somebody and said, “Here is a picture of Eddie Hunter and me. He is much friendlier than I thought he would be.”

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