Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Today Willow is two years old. And on June the 16th will be our one year anniversary with her. I took her out for this morning for 45 minute walk and a 1.5 mile run. She likes to run.

Hopefully sometime today I will be able to carry her to the dog park. She loves the dog park. She likes to play chase with the other dogs… when she is ganged up on or a bigger dog growls at her she will run and get under the bench I am sitting on. Maybe she can find a little runt to bully and harass – she likes that too.

Yesterday evening when I took her out for the last time for the day I was on the deck and happened to notice her. She was trotting around, suddenly making turns, and sometimes going faster and sometimes slowing down, but mostly a constant trot with turns. I wondered if she was cracking up – if so, should I shoot her or what – and then I noticed a little flying bug about a foot from her head… Willow was just trotting along following a flying insect.



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