Wednesday, January 30, 2008

TRUMP Is Back!

And I don’t mean Donald!

The above is the first page of TRUMP’s takeoff on SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, drawn by Will Elder (then-MAD-artist-in-exile).

TRUMP magazine will be re-published next month in book form by Fantagraphics. There were only two issues, so they should fit nicely in one book.

Bhob Stewart has an excellent article post in his blog Potrzebie about TRUMP’s return and the founders of TRUMP: Harvey Kurtzman and his artists.

TRUMP de-TRUMPED after two issues, so Harvey Kurtzman and his merry band of artists created HUMBUG magazine, which lasted about a year, eleven issues I think. Then Harvey was the editor and driving force behind HELP! Magazine (satire), and after it folded he and Will Elder (primarily) started the Annie Fanny series in PLAYBOY.

In the same posting Bhob tells that HUMBUG will be re-published in book form by the same group in March.

I can’t wait!

Below is the cover of the first issue of HUMBUG.

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