Saturday, January 05, 2008

BORNE 6-15-71 (or similar)

We watched the DVD THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM last night.

It was hard to keep up with… too many knocking people down, kneeing them, ramming their heads against the wall… and not enough details why they were doing all that.

I think I got the jest of it all… there were a lot of bad guys against just three good guys, Matt Damon being the head good guy and two women. All the bad guys were the head and the muscles of the CIA…. They were out to kill Matt – or Bourne… boy, could he take somebody by surprise and knee them in the groin, or ram their head against the wall and leap buildings in a single bound!

Have you notice that in many TV and movies the CIA are the buy guys? I think the reason they are looked upon that way, is that they are so secret and don’t have to explain themselves and they are naturally in the covert business.

I think instead of the movie named THE BOURNE ULTIMATUM it should have been named BORN 6-15-71 (or similar). That was a secret code – a secret good girl/bad girl told Bourne he was born 6-15-71 (or similar), which was really a code for an address in New York City.

Of course, Bourne won, after he beat and knocked the entire European and NYC divisions of the CIA woo-woo and jumped into the East River. The good guys always win.

It was a good action packed movie – I just wish they were either tell the details more slower so I can understand them, or send a person home with you when you rent it to sit beside you while you are watching the video explaining why they are fighting and jumping over rooftops.

It is the kind of movie so adventurous and action packed it reminded me of many years ago, when I got out of the Strand Theater on the Square on Saturday afternoons watching something like The Durango Kid. I wanted to climb buildings and gracefully jump from building to building, hopefully with a purpose in mind, like whipping bad guys.

This time, with no tall buildings I just gracefully rammed the dog into the wall, and leaped out on the deck, jumped up and down twice while looking at the oak limb just feet from the deck's rail, then decided it might not hold me if I jumped and swung on it – so I came back in, peed, and went to bed.

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Blogger janie said...

I love it when you post movie/book reviews. They make perfect sense to me.

I also don't know why they don't explain the knee in the groin, head into the wall thing enough. Give me a good book any day.

I do know why the CIA is always the bad guy. It is because liberal Hollywood makes the movie, and they are anti-CIA. They get no attention if they are in favor of things, so they have to protest it. IMHO, of course.

7:13 AM  
Blogger Suzanne said...

I watched this movie (for the third time) on a plane on Thurs. I love it. Did you see the first two?

6:39 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I loved the first one, the second one blended with the first, the only thing I could remember was the neat little Cooper car in the first, which probably says more about me than the movie. All three movies were action packed and one big chase scene.

2:01 AM  

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