Monday, January 14, 2008

3 Tyson Sisters

Three Tyson Sisters

These three sisters are Annie Alice Tyson Crowder (1893-1979), Lela Octavia “Tade” Tyson Carr 1886 – 1957), and my grandmother Minnie Victoria Tyson Hunter (1879-1948).

They were the daughters of Obediah Hargraves Tyson (1852-1919) and Nancy Elizabeth Huey (1854-1938).

See how Tade holds her head back at an angle – she appears to be judgmental and does not approve of what she sees. Don’t let it bother you, that was her natural look. She lived close to Acworth Lake Beach, only a block or two away. My sister Frances and I dropped by to visit her from time to time when we went to the beach – well, at least two times anyway.

They were all born, along with their other sisters and brothers near the intersection of Highway 92 and Bells Ferry Road in Cherokee County, just a mile or so from the Cobb County line.

In fact, I received an email today from a historical landmark researcher concerning the old Tyson property – here is part of it:

The Bells Ferry & Hwy. 92 area also has some historical significance. During June 10-12, 1864, Union General Kennard Garrard, commanding the Army of the Cumberland's 2nd. Cavalry Division, consisting of three separate brigades, was camped at the Tyson family farm near the intersection. At that time in Union reports and a map that Garrard submitted to General William T. Sherman, showed the location as "Tyson's Crossroads". From that point, the Union cavalry moved east on Hwy. 92 to Canton Road where they skirmished with Confederate cavalry of General Wheeler.

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Blogger kenju said...

There are Tyson's here in Raleigh, Eddie, and there is a Tyson Cemetery.

3:29 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I bet there are a bunch of Tysons in your area. One of the main areas that Tysons have infested since the mid 1700s is Greenville, NC, and Pitt County, NC, and the surrounding area. Greenville is in Pitt Co., isn't it?
The old Tyson homestead cemetery in on a golf course of a country club in Greenville. Also, in downtown, on something like 2nd Avenue my Tyson relative, her husband and sons are buried in a little fenced off grave yard.

3:47 PM  
Blogger janie said...

No Tysons here, that I know of, but we do have a wealth of 'Minnies'. My mother was Minnie, as was her Grandmother. And all of them for the last 6 generations named the eldest daughter 'Jane'. I am the variation on the theme, 'Janie'.

12:08 PM  
Blogger ET said...

Many Minnies.

1:06 PM  

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