Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Baby – its cold outside!

I used to say "Baby - its cold outside!" to either son when they were preschool age and then rub the son’s neck with my cold hands – and he would always burst into laughter. That would get them every time.

It has been cold for several days now. With few exceptions, we have been cabin bound.

We have been doing cold cabin-bounds things, like making chili and watching dvd movies:

LICENSE TO WED staring Robin Williams, Mandy Moore, and John Krasinski. It was a cut comedy – nothing I will remember the rest of my life or anything. Interesting, John Krasinki was the fiancé – he is the tall casual fellow in the TV sitcom OFFICE – and three or four other OFFICE stars did cameos.

PERFECT STRANGER staring Halle Berry and Bruce Willis. It was a good intriguing who-did-it kind of movie…. With a twisting ending – all mysteries have a twist, I think a non-twisting ending would be just as surprising.

COLOR ME KUBRICK staring John Malkovich. It is about a man impersonating director Stanley Kubrick and raking in on all the director’s amenities: free food, free lodging, free drinks, and more free drinks – apparently the guy was an alcoholic. The movie was very well done – it played at lot of Kubrick’s movie soundtracks, such as the music in 2001 and Clockwork Orange. And I think, but I am not positive that almost every scene was a mockery of a scene in one of Kubrick’s movie. I haven’t seen all his movies – but several times I did see hints of one or another of his movies going on without comment.

Willow, on the other hand, got cabin fever. She had to break out often and romp in the frozen snow and maybe chase a squirrel for the fun of it – of course the squirrel wasn’t running for the fun of it, it knew it was running to save its dear life.

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