Friday, January 04, 2008

Mountain View Cemetery, Mareitta, Ga

The above picture is of my grandparents Frank and Minnie Tyson Hunter. Grandpa taught me to ride a bike, and only he and I knew where he hid his drink underneath the house. Grandma was always busy cooking it seems. She was a very efficient little hen.

Here is a statement I just made up that you would have a hard time disproving: Every Marietta native, whose family has been here since 1900 or before has a relative and/or friend buried in Mountain View Cemetery.

This is my friend Larry Holcombe who I mention often in my blog. Larry’s parents’ yard and my parents’ yard touched. We were the same age, our back yards were our ranch. We kept our friendship kindled until four days before he died.

My uncle Jack Hunter’s grave and the future resting place for his wife Ruby and son Jack, Jr…. or as we call him Little Jack.

My uncle and aunt Stanley and Sarah Frasure Hunter. I thought they would live forever.

My uncle and aunt -My mother’s youngest sister Sarah Petty McLemore and her husband Bill.

Anna’s aunt and uncle Bill and Eloise Foster Meek. They had the typical small town occupations, Bill was a mail carrier and Eloise was head teller of the bank.

These two Petty groups I have no idea of our relationship, but when I do stumble across their names I can say “Eureka!”

Perry Parham was my first friend to die suddenly, thus his body was the first dead person I saw face to face. He was riding his bike at dust and was hit by a driver. It gave me an immortality lesson.
The Marietta Little League complex is named in his memory.

Howard White was the father of a friend. He was always quiet and relaxed. He worked for Atlantic Steel. They say he was never sick a day in his life – until near the end.

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Blogger deborah wilson said...

It's very nice of you to remember your family and friends, Eddie, especially now, the Holidays are difficult without them. I've been through Mountain View before. I'm not sure if I have any family members buried there or not, most of my family/friends are buried in Smyrna, Dallas, Atlanta, Lithia Springs and Alabama.

It seems that they all should be here. My maternal grandfather that died last year, I haven't been to his grave yet. I just can't right now.

(look for a link soon in my BlogRoll)

Everyone smile! The ones who have gone before us is still with us in spirit!

7:24 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Thank you Deborah!
What I posted, timely-wise, may be misleading. It was just the next thing to post - I try to balance things like landmarks, history, genealogy, old pictures, my opinions, etc... although the balance seem to be always somewhat lopsided or warped, that is my intention anyway.
Look for a link on Chicken Fat soon too!

8:10 AM  
Blogger Pollyanna said...

Thanks for the article. It reminded me that I had forgotten that Grandmother (Sarah) died 3 years ago this week. I, too, thought that she an Granddaddy would live forever and miss both of them very much. It is funny though how you see traits handed down through generation though. Our Jess has many of his great-grandfather's ways, to the point that he takes pride in the times when Neely and I call him "Little Stanley". Hope y'all had a great holiday season.


10:48 AM  
Blogger ET said...

Dear er-Pollyanna,
Pollyanna is an interesting name. It reminds me of something Billy Joe Royal sung... the name of it was Pollyanna.
I think I just figured out why Jess is nicked "Jess" right, JS?
Your grandparents' will live forever, through there genes that your and Haley's kids.

3:27 PM  

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