Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Calvard School 1913

This is the Calvard School, which appears to be a high school, in Cohutta, Georgia. Cohutta is in Murray County, several miles north of Chatsworth, Georgia. The picture was taken in 1913.

The ones mentioned below are/were relatives.

1st Row: The last person on the right is Henry Ridley, III. His grandfather was my ancestor.

2nd Row: The first person on the left is Melvin Ridley, son of William Ridley. He has crutches. I don’t know why he used crutches – he died a year about a year later in 1914.

3rd Row: The first person on the left is Robert “Bob” Ridley, my grandmother’s brother. The fourth person on that row is Henry Killian “Kate” Ridley, my grandmother’s cousin. He was married 5 times., but who’s counting? I think the first four wives died. I remember we visited him on his last marriage and his wife was chopping kindling wood. He said, she “swing a mean ax.” She outlived him.

5th Row: The first person is Charlie Caylor and the fourth person is his brother Willie Caylor, they were/are the grandsons of Henry Petty’s sister Harriet Ridley Caylor.

The 3rd person on the same row is Irvin Petty, my mother’s uncle. I don’t know if he was frostbit before or after this picture was taken - his brothers had to hold him down while his uncle, Willis Garret, a doctor cut off his toes.

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