Saturday, January 26, 2008

It Happened Today

Today, around noon I picked up our mail at the post office and to the local convenience store to buy a Sunday paper – which comes out around 10:30am Saturdays (figure that one out).

When I parked at the convenience store I parked next to a little car with a little dog in it. It was one of those little dogs with a lot of hair on its head and its face looks human.

I went in, got my Sunday paper and waited behind a young nerdy lady/girl. I don’t know if she was a teenager or a few years over that. The acted awkward and looked nerdy. When I left with my paper she was ahead of me and I saw she was wearing denim with 1922 on her ass. A big 19 was on her back pocket and a big 22 was on her other pocket. I wonder what that meat?

She walked up to the car with the little dog in it and stood there and made faces at her little lamb chop. I got into my car, she got into her. We started our engines the same time.

She looked over at me and I motioned for her to go on. Ladies first, was my thinking.

She petted her little bouncing dog and was talking to it and backing up at the same time.


She backed into someone’s car that the man owner was pumping gas.

She pulled back into her parking place she just backed out of and jumped out of the car to and ran over to talk to the man with the car she hit. She left her door opened and the dog took off running.

I felt for her. I remember the first day we got Willow she took off running and it took practically a posse to catch her. So, I got out, ready to return the favor – she was running in pursuit, when a man walked out of the convenience store and the dog ran up to him wagging its tail. He quickly figured what was going on and picked up the little mutt. She ran up, gained possession, and was holding him and walking back to see the scene of the car bump when I backed up and left.

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Blogger kenju said...

Never a dull minute there, Eddie. LOL

8:49 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I think I would look forward to a dull moment.

8:52 PM  

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