Sunday, March 26, 2006

What Next?

The pictures are of a lady named Gertrude, my mother-in-law’s aunt. I am always fascinated by how a person’s appearances alter with age, but is hard to pinpoint just how so. I suppose there is about a ten year difference in these pictures, maybe more, maybe less.

Gertrude married late in life and had no children.

Speaking of that side of the family, Friday, my mother-in-law’s first cousin died. Visitation was to be today 3 to 5 and we were going to take her there, which isn’t far away, in Alpharetta, Ga.

However, you never know what strange course of events are waiting to happen around the next corner (that sounds like something The Shadow might say). The deceased lady’s only son had two sons. One of the sons was in Colorado to ski when the death occurred. He learned of his grandmother’s death and was to fly back home. But, thought he would ski just one more time. He had some kind of accident.

Now, he is in a Colorado hospital having a series of emergency operations. One is dealing with his spleen. The dead lady’s only son flew out to Colorado to be with his son. The visitations and funeral had to be put on hold.

Life is like a box of chocolates. - FG

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Blogger kenju said...

What an odd twist of fate that is.

4:07 PM  
Blogger ET said...

I'm glad to see something from you. I was beginning to worry.

4:34 PM  

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