Friday, March 03, 2006

Friday Ritual

Today I have been using our new treadmill for one week. Also, today is the day we weigh in at Weight Watchers. Everyday I work up a sweat huffing and puffing on the TM….. so, will my weight reflect that?

I started off with Weight Watchers pretty good I think. We decided to go to help prevent another heart attack or stroke. I lost 50 pounds slowly and surely. Then, I gained about 10 pounds, which made my net lost 40 pounds and then I found myself in a slump which I have been wallowing in and for over a year now, I have lost and gained. If I lost 2 pounds one week, no need cutting a new belt hole yet, because I am sure to gain that 2 pounds back the next week.

At the weekly Weight Watcher meetings I am at a point of not listening to the lecturer – I heard it all, and I know what is right and wrong as far as good eating habits, so that is why I don’t listen to the lecturer. It is far more interesting to watch other members and their interactions with other members. I can do this because I am invisible.

In our Friday morning group there was a girl that came I found interesting to watch. She was completely absorbed in “look at me!” attitude. She sat up front in the lecturer’s face and each week had to give her own testimonial of her trumps and failures. It was getting where she felt the sole purpose of the meeting was to gather around her to hear how she did for the past week. She also had the unique talent of being able to speak in long sentences that had no periods or even comas for a pause.

I don’t know why but she quit coming. One week she seemed quiet and the next week poof! She was gone.

However! The next week a new lady that even favored her a lot showed up and she had a lot to talk about – herself of course. Its like they were on a tag team. I bet in school the girl now and the girl both were willing to shed blood to get the teachers’ attention.

But what is puzzling, is the average – is there going to always be a “hog” in the room to demand most of the attention. I read a blog last week that a lady was complaining about a member hogging everyone’s attention. Is it just an average, like every 20 people (about the number that show up for the lectures)? If that is the case, and we are going on averages, then, if a group has 40 in it, there should be 2 hogs in it, which means they will have to settle things between them.

Hot dog! An old fashion cat fight might happen – I don’t want to miss any meetings for that reason.



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