Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I Am Invisible

I am the Invisible Man. People just don't notice me. The look past me, over me, beside me, around me, and through me.

I think H.G. Wells had someone like me in mind when he wrote his book.

Some day I am going to walk into a bank, help myself to some teller's cash drawerss and walk on out.

One time I walked into a McDonald's in the middle of the day to get a coke. Two teenager girls servers were on their side of the counter. I walked up to them and they didn't notice me. They were talking about their sex life. Occasionally they would look up to make sure no one came in on them, look past me, to the door, and then get back of the new sexual experiments they did. I cleared my throat and they looked up at me horrified, like I was an voyeur of something. One ran off embarrassed and the other hatefully took my order.

That is just an example of how I am ignored. It happens all the time - just I happened to always remember the McDonald's incident because it is funny.

So, tonight I went to the Central Library for a genealogy club meeting. A lady from the LDS Church was there to give a talk on how to do genealogy research with the LDS Church (Mormons) on-line.

Afterwards, on a table they had refreshments, coffee, cookies, and for some reason corn chips - where was the salsa? I didn't want to stick around for the refreshments and was walking out when an elderly lady in an electric wheelchair came rolling towards me. She wasn't watching where she was going because she was talking to another lady. I couldn't go backward or forward to dodge her because people were in front and back of me. I said "excuse me!" but my heed did no good, she plowed right into me. Which pushed me into a lady bent over at the table pouring coffee.

So, the lady spilled coffee all over the table. I think the lady in the electric wheelchair should be given a cleaning cloth and then tell her to clean it up.

Pardon my rage.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have a local dairy Queen. the girls at the counter do the exact thing. No training, no manners. You can run into a woeful lack of service at just about Walmart. We just don't get it, Ed. People are entitled to jobs....

12:28 AM  
Blogger ET said...

They think so in France.

2:41 AM  
Blogger ET said...

The Dairy Queen!
A year or so ago we were driving through south Georgia and a road side sign advertised that that the next exit would have a Dairy Queen. And near the bottom of the sign it said, "Owned by Americans".
Does that mean it is owned by Far Western Indians?
When we joined Weight Watchers we thought it was wise to overlook the
Dairy Queen sales and coupons, so we haven't been there in a while. The one we would be going to in owned by an Indian family (Far Easter). The old mom and pop, who I think are the owners are always there, no matter what day or what time. They have a few grown kids that work there also, and their kids, under six or eight years old are always playing in the eating area. The whole family might even live there, I expect to ride by and see laundry hanging on the lines in the back.

6:14 AM  

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